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Comments Off on Air System Maintenance: Focusing on the Compressor

At the heart of a commercial vehicle’s air brake system is its air compressor, which pressurizes air in the primary and secondary tanks to provide power for the air brakes and other pneumatic systems. With commercial vehicle technology advancing and expanding the use of compressed air for non-braking functions, knowledge of proper air compressor maintenance and operation has become even more important. As part of its Bendix Tech Tips series, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems offers insight on air compressor troubleshooting and replacement of an ESS (energy-saving system) piston, in the article below as well in the video above. “Although the compressor is the key component of the air system, it’s important to note that some symptoms of poor compressor performance may actually be caused by faults elsewhere within the system, particularly in the air pressure governor, control valves inside the air dryer, and the air lines and fittings,” says Richard Nagel, […]

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