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Comments Off on Teamsters Withdraw Vote at FedEx Freight on Eve of Election

The Teamsters Union’s recent effort to organize drivers at FedEx Freight terminals is losing momentum, with it pulling another organizing election petition. The news was announced Wednesday by FedEx Freight for the service center in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, the day before the election was scheduled. As FedEx Freight has said in previous statements when the union withdrew election petitions at other locations in this recent drive, “The union would only take this action if it recognized that it would lose.” This marks the fifth election in a row, and seven out of the last eight, where the union has either withdrawn the petition or lost the vote, according to FedEx Freight. “We believe in our drivers and appreciate all they do for the company,” said Mike Ducker, incoming President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Freight. “We are pleased with the recent results and look forward to a bright future together.” […]

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Comments Off on Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking Increasing Driver Pay

The trucking companies Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking announced a pay increase will soon take effect for their company national over the road drivers. Effective Jan. 1, Crete drivers will receive a 2 cents per practical mile increase, resulting in what the company said will be an 11% increase in the overall pay package. When combined with a more than 2% increase in miles, drivers will be earning more than 13% over the previous year, according to the company. Shaffer Trucking is increasing pay by 4 cents per practical mile. Over the previous year, Shaffer said it has increased its overall pay package by more than 17% and increased paid miles by more than 4%. Truck drivers for Shaffer Trucking will be earning more than 21% over the previous year, according to the company. “In addition to increasing driver pay rates, we are experiencing much stronger demand for our services […]

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Comments Off on Specialized Carriers Seek Exemption from 30-Minute Break Requirement

Specialized carriers that haul oversized or overweight loads are asking for an exemption from the 30-minute rest break provision of the hours of service rules. The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for relief from the provision, which says drivers must take a half-hour break in an 8-hour shift. The group said that compliance is difficult due to the limited periods in which its members are permitted to operate. These carriers typically must get a special permit to move their loads and the permit often limits the duration or time of day or night of the movement. Plus, permit practices vary greatly from state to state, and even from local jurisdictions within a state, SCRA told the agency. The exemption would apply only to carriers that have such a permit. The group said that often the permitted hours will be in conflict with the […]

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Comments Off on Newark FedEx Freight Drivers Reject Teamsters

An effort by the Teamsters Union to organize drivers at the FedEx Freight terminal in Newark, New Jersey was rejected in a Wednesday vote. “We are pleased to report that a majority of city and road drivers at the Newark facility voted against union representation and in favor of continuing a direct relationship with management,” said Michele Ehrhart, communications director for FedEx. “We are proud of our employees for doing their homework on the union and making an informed decision against third party interference.” The Teamsters had yet to issue a statement as of Thursday morning. The vote came as part of a wider effort to organize FedEx Freight drivers. Last month the union chalked up its first two wins at FedEx Freight terminals but lost votes at two other facilities for collective bargaining. Organizing votes are set for four other FedEx terminals later this month while the union recently […]

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Comments Off on Teamsters Pick Up Win at Second FedEx Freight Terminal

The Teamsters Union chalked up its second win at FedEx Freight when a group of 113 drivers at the company’s South Brunswick, N.J., terminal voted Friday to join Teamsters Local 701 in a 66-to-42 decision. This victory follows the union’s first win at the company, when drivers at the FedEx Freight terminal in Croydon, Pa., voted Oct. 14 to join Local 107 in Philadelphia by a vote of 26-18. However, the union lost a vote in October at the company’s Cinnaminson, New Jersey, facility and canceled a vote set for last Friday at the FedEx Freight Middletown, Pa., terminal. FedEx claimed the union cancelled the vote because it knew drivers would vote against union representation. Other Teamsters organization campaigns are under way at FedEx Freight and at rival Con-way Freight, where the union has won two out of the past four organizing elections. According to the Wall Street Journal, at least […]

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Comments Off on Driver Turnover Increases, Recruiting Expected to Remain Tough

Driver turnover in the truckload sector continues to get worse, according to recently released figures, while a study of hard-to-fill occupations emphasizes the growing driver shortage. Truckload driver turnover at fleets doing more than $30 million in business annually rose 11 percentage points in the second quarter of the year from the first quarter to an annual rate of 103%, according to recently released figures from the American Trucking Associations. This is its highest level since the third quarter of 2012 and four percentage points above a year earlier. Turnover at small truckload fleets, those with less than $30 million revenue, surged 16 points from the previous quarter to 94%, the highest level since the third quarter of 2012 and 12 percentage points more than during the same time in 2013. ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said the shortage is “as bad as ever and is expected to get worse […]

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