What Is an Owner-Operator Truck Driver?

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In many cases truck drivers are employees. They are hired by a company or the vehicle’s owner to haul goods. An owner-operator truck driver is someone who fills both roles. He does the driving and owns the vehicle he drives.

When a person is merely a driver, he usually does not have as many responsibilities. He must see that loads are picked up and delivered on time and that they are in good condition. When a person is an owner-operator truck driver, the responsibilities can multiply a great deal. How many responsibilities he has will depend on whether he gets assistance for certain duties.

Success in the trucking industry involves having a truck that is in motion. Generally, if the truck is not moving, money is not being made. An owner-operator truck driver’s income may depend on him finding work for himself.

Some individuals sign a single long-term contract. This assures that they will be able to haul a specified number of loads for a single entity. These cases often generate enough revenue that the driver does not have to look for other work.

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